“Whitman Illuminated” Trailer

My friend, filmmaker David Kessler has just completed this beautiful trailer for Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself. It also features the music of my good friend Ben Warfield, who has just released his album, Songs of Light and Dust.

David really did a wonderful job: viewers at first will wonder where the book is, only to realize that they had been seeing it all along. Book trailers are still a relatively new thing, but I think David has set a nice precedent by going with a slower pace and lyrical treatment: there’s no reason why a book trailer should look like a film trailer, after all.

David has just recently completed a short film based on his visit to Iceland (you can see the trailer here). I’ve been assisting David on his ongoing film project about the Pine Barrens (I help as a location scout and guide, mostly).

My good friend Bill was kind enough to serve as our “Whitman” (How odd and fortuitous that one of my dearest friends should be a dead ringer for Whitman…)

My sincerest thanks to David, Ben, and Bill for lending their time and talents to this trailer.