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Whitman Illuminated Officially Released


After two years of working and waiting, the day has arrived: Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself is officially released! Think I might slip into an indie bookstore or two to see it on the shelf. Then I’m going rollerskating.

I’ll be holding my first book events this week. The first will be at the Rosenbach Museum and Library on Thursday the 15th, followed by Brickbat Books on Saturday the 17th.

My sincerest thanks to my agent and friend Peter Steinberg, and to the folks at Tin House, who have been nothing less than fantastic throughout this entire process.

I suppose we’ll see what the public thinks, now.

Where’s Walt?


Out on an orchid hunting jaunt today down along Big Timber Creek in Laurel Springs, NJ. Whitman writes about this spot in Specimen Days: he convalesced here after his stroke. If you’re lucky, you’ll see Walt lounging in the trees here sometimes…

Buy Local

Friends: we’re only eleven days away from May 13th, the official release date. Copies are already available online–but if you can, please give your business to your local independent bookstore, especially the places where I have events planned: the Rosenbach Museum, Brickbat Books, SI, and Housing Works. I am inscribing copies at these locations this month. So come out, grab your copy, and get it signed by me. Thanks!

Whitman Illuminated Book Release Roller Party


Fact: Whitman was an avid rollerskater. So bring your body electric to celebrate the official release of my book, Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself! Thrill to the swirling renditions of the hits of yore by Holiday Skating Center’s much-acclaimed organist! Swoon as you glide over a glassy floor comprised of countless lovingly-polished wood panels! Rejoice in the endless counter-clockwise rotation around a fixed point in space! Snacks! Drinks! Laughs! Possible diner visit afterwards! It’s the sort of Jersey night Walt would have loved. If you want Walt (who just might make an actual appearance that evening), look for him under your wheels on May 13th!

Here is the event page on Facebook.