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Blooms in the Desert


I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed my stay in Tucson. The UA Poetry Center’s staff were delightful and incredibly kind. I was not only honored to hold forth at the Phoenix Art Museum and the Poetry Center, but I also got into the desert to see the flora and fauna as well as 200,000 year-old living caverns that resembled H.R. Geiger’s version of high Gothic architecture. I also had a chance to pick out some selections from the library, which was a treat. Was actually a little sad to go. Wonderful people down there. Thanks so much to the UA Poetry Center and to the Phoenix Art Museum. I hope to return soon.





Khalsa Montessori School

Went to Khalsa Montessori School in Tucson this morning to speak with their students, who have been using my book as a way to talk about Whitman. Wow, what a great group of kids! Such great questions and comments from these students–and look at all these beautiful handmade cards! Whatever their teachers are doing is really paying off. I was very impressed.






I’m cooling my heels in my swank neo-modernist Poetry Center bungalow/compound, grabbing some lunch and answering emails. Tonight I’ll be speaking at the Phoenix Art Museum! I’m looking forward to looking at their collections.


Deep in the Desert

DSC07751So I’m in Tucson this week, staying at the lavish accommodations at the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center (see the Event Page for links). One of the docents was kind enough to show me around the desert this afternoon before my string of events begin in the morning. It’s wonderful to be in the Sonoran Desert again, where the rocks are flowers.

New Doorstop From Communication Arts

DSC07054I don’t enter these competitions very often. I only enter when when I feel I’ve done something to the best of my ability, and for me the Whitman book qualified. It’s been over a decade since I’ve entered anything for CA. After twenty-five years in the profession, this is my first time in CA. I’m proud to be included.

Portland, Posters


I’ve been in Portland the last few days, living in the bungalow next to Tin House. Yesterday I completed the signing and numbering of all the limited edition (150) screenprints, which will be available for sale at my presentation 7:30 tonight (Aug 1) at  Ampersand Gallery & Books (2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite B). I anticipate an announcement about the posters very soon, so keep checking the Tin House site.